Welcome to Emmas Drømmekjøkken

The place for the unique and northern Norwegian taste Experiences.

Emmas Drømmekjøkken and Winebar is located in the center of Tromsø, I a beautiful red-painted building opposite the Tromsø Cathedral.

The house has three floors where the restaurant is elegantly located on the second floor with a great view of the church park.

On the third floor we find “Kammerset”, our chambre separée that can be used for special occasions.

Interiørbilde fra Emmas

The latest addition to our house is the Winebar on the first floor, our own Pre-dinner bar which is the perfect place to start a meal, either with us or at some of the other great restaurants in Tromsø.

It is of course possible to visit the winebar to enjoy something good in the glass along with delicious snacks from our snack menu.

The menu

At Emma’s, we serve seasonal Taste Experiences. The menu will change weekly, based on available ingredients and what inspires our chefs.

Our region and its seasons determine the menu and the chefs choose stock ingredients from our best local suppliers and producers. Our region is rich in bounties from the sea and land. This is reflected in our menu which always has a assortment of fish and meat dishes, some hot and cold, and with a sweet ending. The menu changes weekly based on raw material supply.

Allergens vary and we therefore ask that you inform about food allergies or food intolerances when booking a table.

That way we can adapt the menu without compromising on taste.

Prices and courses

Emma’s 9 course Taste Experience
Our largest menu. A complex 9-course meal with a total of twelve servings.
Kr 1375,- pr. person
+ Wine menu
One glass of selected wine for each dish.
Kr 1020,- pr. person
Emma’s 7 course Taste Experience
A complex 7-course meal with a total of ten servings.
Kr 1075,- pr. person
+ Wine menu
One glass of selected wine for each dish.
Kr 875,- pr. person
Emma’s 5 course Taste Experience
A delicate 5-course menu with a total of eight servings.
Kr 875,- pr. person
+ Wine menu
One glass of selected wine for each dish
Kr 665,- pr. person
Our sommelier has put together a wine menu that compliments our Taste Experiences. The menu includes one glass of wine selected to complement the flavors of each dish. A wine menu can contain an unexpected glass of local beer, if the dish requires it!