About us

Emmas UNDERDining at Emmas can be both intimate and formal but, above all, homely and relaxing. The perfectly prepared food is always tasty.

Emma and the staff want to ensure that it will be a joy and a pleasure to dine at the Dream Kitchen.

Generosity, care, love and consideration, together with extremely high expertise have been the main factors behind the restaurant’s success. They do their utmost to ensure their guests have a most enjoyable dining experience.


Genuine and honest food

Emmas DrømmekjøkkenEmma is well versed in traditional french cuisine and also keeps abreast of the latest trends, fashions and culinary skills. She is always open to good ideas from kitchens around the world but,above all, she appreciates, as they say in the north, ‘real food’; well prepared local produce, just like our mothers and their mothers before them used to make.

Short-dried cod and fish au gratin are two such authentic North Norwegian dishes. They always remain on the menu even though the other dishes are changed at least 5-6 times a year, according to season.

Honesty and authenticity are two more keywords used to describe the dining experience at Emmas Dream Kitchen.


Down-to-earth and unpretentious

Dining at Emmas DrømmekjøkkenEmmas UNDER is on the ground floor (street level). While the restaurant upstairs has a classic eleganse, in Emmas UNDER they have captured the spirit of a time gone by and created a down-to-earth and unpretentious restaurant. One can enjoy a meal in relaxed surroundings at prices all can afford. These well composed weekday menus have been a success and are very popular with the folk in Tromsø. In the evenings, the dishes served in the Dream Kitchen are also available downstairs in Emmas UNDER.

Fish au gratin has become the restaurants’ signature dish!

This and many more light, quickly-served dishes are included on the lunch menu at very reasonable prices.