About us

About us

You can find Emmas Drømmekjøkken and Emmas UNDER right in the centre of Tromsø, in a building with a beautiful red facade right beside the cathedral. The house is made up of three floors, each of these with its own unique atmosphere and style but the same food throughout.

The restaurant Emmas Drømmekjøkken opened in autumn 1998, and became a recognised location locally, nationally and internationally from the very beginning.


Late in the summer of 2008 we opened Emmas UNDER on street level with instantaneous success. This section quickly became popular as a non pretentious location for both lunch and dinner. Since then, our main focus has been on the food journey and dining experience you get at Emmas.


In 2020, Emmas Drømmekjøkken´s founder – Anne Brit Andreassen chose to pass the baton on to new owners after 22 years behind the counter. The new owners, Nordic Hospitality Partners Norway hired Andreas Bakkeli to run the show and drive Emmas forward into a new decade. The fact that Anne Brit and Andreas are both originally from Vesterålen isn’t all they have in common. Both are genuinely occupied with producing high quality honest food, utilising local ingredients and ensuring the guest experience of food and drink at Emmas is as good as it can be.

Andreas wishes to develop Emmas in this spirit, with the same dedication and engagement as his predecessor.

Genuine and honest food

Here at Emmas we have always keep a close eye on developments within the food world. We draw our inspiration from the European kitchen, but our key focus is on the selection of Northern Norwegian ingredients we can source locally.




Relaxed Atmosphere

Enjoying a meal at Emmas can be both intimate and celebratory, but first and foremost relaxed and “hjemmehyggelig” –  the Norwegian word for the feeling of cosiness and contentment you get from home.

Our staff always work to ensure that it is a pleasure and an occasion when you choose to eat at Emmas.

Generosity, compassion and love, well mixed with a high level of expertise are just some of the factors which have made Emmas and its staff such a success. They give everything to ensure our guests enjoy their time with us.


A Peoples Restaurant

While the restaurant upstairs has a classic elegance in its decor, Emmas UNDER, on street level aims to grip the spirit of our times and create a non pretentious and lively restaurant experience.

A well composed menu with matched drinks has always been a success at Emmas Drømmekjøkken, and you can in addition find an own menu at Emmas UNDER.



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